Young Australian Gold Rush Fame -Ashley Yule

Knowing Australian TV star would be really interesting who has grabbed the attention of the people through her participation in the Gold Rush. Ashley Yule was born on March 1994 in Australia to Deb Yule and Stephen Yule. She belongs to the Caucasian Ethnicity and to American nationality. She has got a brother called JaymieYoule. More than this nowhere her educational background or early livelihood is revealed.

Ashley’s bio details

Parker Schnabels ex-girlfriend Ashley Yule works as a nurse at a Veterinary Service and she is a certified professional in the relevant field. Ashley’s appearance in the discovery channel has led to her increased fame as well as she has appeared for more than 25 episodes. She got to know her boyfriend through this series and he seems to be the producer who helped her more in the mining sites. The relationship between them grew faster and infact Parker is planning to shift to Australia.

Break up with Parker

Ashley stepped down from the show due to a bump hit with her boyfriend. Her relationship with him got disconnected and her present whereabouts is unknown. Even in social media no information about their relation or about their progress could be seen. Both have maintained their privacy in a secretive way. Their break up was announced at the eighth season of the Gold rush Series. Parker holds the responsibility for their break up and said that his concentration is all towards his growth and success.

Ashley after her break up with Parker moved to Australia and started pursuing her interest. She is very much into dancing and started her pursuit of dancing career. Her current association with Superhoodz makes her contented and started doing everything that she loves. Ashley’s net worth is unknown yet talk revolves she would possess a reasonable worth.