How to choose a red wine ?

How to choose a red wine ?

Choosing a good red wine is not easy, because there are many criteria that are used to choose a particular wine. Indeed, you will have to take into account your own preferences in terms of taste, region, but also price. So how do you choose the right bottle?
Knowing wine: discovering the grape varieties of red wine
Guide and advice for choosing a red wine

Before you start looking for a good red wine, you should estimate your needs. If you want to offer a bottle, then ask about your host's preferences. Is he a wine lover? Does he have a cellar? All this information will guide you in choosing the right wine for that person.

"To choose the right red wine, you will need to know if you want to drink it quickly or if you prefer a wine to keep. The choices will not be the same: they will go to different estates and vintages."

You should be careful when buying a wine to keep, because there are only very few bottles that can last for a very long time. In this case, it is preferable to choose some red Bordeaux or Sauternes or some large Ports or Banyuls. Magnums are also well suited for storage.
Choose your wine: choose a successful match!

The important element when choosing a wine and to know how to match it with your dishes. One of the rules to know is that you have to increase your power during the meal. Do not serve strong or full-bodied wines at the beginning of lunch or dinner, after a dry white wine for example. This would spoil the aromas of white wine that would be stifled by the power of red wine.

In general, your wine will match the strength of your dish. As we recommend in our guide on choosing a good white wine, you can match your wine with the geographical origin of your dish. Geographical food and wine pairings are often the most appropriate pairings!
Red wine varieties: a good way to choose your wine

A grape variety corresponds to a variety of vine. France lists several hundred of them. Here are the main grape varieties that we find in France: wine clothing how to choose

    Pinot noir it is found mainly in the great Burgundy wines, but also in the black base of Champagne. Its specificity is to evolve quickly (you can therefore drink it soon after purchase). However, the best wines can be kept for a long time: they express all their characters in this way.
    Cabernet Sauvignon is a grape variety typical of the Médoc, it gives the wine a strong structure and fairly pronounced tannins. It is a grape variety which, moreover, is perfectly suited to the wine for ageing. This type of wine requires work, because it is demanding. This successful step, you will feel all its exceptional qualities.
    Cabernet Franc is the most common grape variety in Bordeaux, but also in the Loire Valley (in Chinon and Bourgueil for example). The colour of the wine made from Cabernet Franc will be lighter than some other grape varieties, simply because it contains less tannins. It is a wine that you can drink right away.
    Merlot will seduce you with its roundness that you will find in Pomerol wines, for example. Associated with Cabernet Sauvignon, it will soften it by its freshness and roundness.
    Gamay originates in Beaujolais, but is also found in the wines of the Loire Valley, the Rhône and the Macon. The wines made from this grape variety will offer you deliciously fruity aromas.
    Syrah recognizable by its peppery and blackberry aromas. All its strength is expressed in the Côtes Rôties, while in the Languedoc wines, it will be more reserved.
    Grenache is a grape variety that will reveal both its fine and full-bodied character in the Rhône Valley, and its sweetness in the Banyuls.

After this presentation of the main red grape varieties present in France, all you have to do is choose the best vintage and you will then have the wine that suits you !

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