How to choose a white wine ?

How to choose a white wine ?

"Do you prefer a dry or fruity white? »


To this question, we answer you "Why not both? »

Indeed, the approach proposed today in terms of differentiating a white wine is very limited, and very often too simplistic.
Dry white wines

There are dry and fruity whites: such as our AOC Bordeaux blanc, which is made from Sauvignon blanc, which makes it very expressive and brings out the fruity side of the wine without making it too sweet. Served as an aperitif or as a starter, it will go perfectly with your seafood dishes!

On other dry whites, we can have a mineral side that stands out. This minerality actually comes from the calcareous soils found in some wine-growing regions. The best examples are the Chablis, wines from northern Burgundy renowned for their minerality. Our Burgundy "Thunder" is an excellent example of this. Enjoy it with a fish dish just grilled to enjoy it to the full.

Finally, we can find dry whites with a lot of sweetness and roundness, on brioche or buttered notes. The best whites in this category are found in southern Burgundy, where the soils are much fatter. We can mention here, for example, the Mâcon. Whether with poultry, as an aperitif or as a dessert, this wine will go perfectly with any meal.

But a white wine can have several styles: dry, of course, but there are also sweet, sweet or effervescent ones.

A sweet white wine will be much sweeter, with a more syrupy appearance and will also have more complexity in flavours than a sweet white wine, which will be less sweet and less fatty.
Sweet white wines

First of all, it is necessary to distinguish between a sweet and a sweet. The difference actually comes from the amount of sugar present per litre. A sweet wine will contain on average 10 to 45g of sugar per litre where the sweet wine will contain 45 and more.

The sweet whites will be found mainly in the Bordeaux region, with Sauternes, such as our Caprice de Bastor-Lamontagne for example, perfect with fruit-based desserts.
Sweet white wines

A soft white wine will be the perfect accompaniment to foie gras or soft cheeses. You can find them in several regions in France, especially around Bordeaux, but also in the Pau region, where you can find Jurançon of very high quality!
Champagne and other sparkling white wines

The last style of white, sparkling wines (sparkling wines, more commonly known as sparkling wines), which can be declined in 7 different ways depending on the sugar content per litre. This ranges from Natural Brut (from 0 to 3g/L) to Mild (more than 50g/L). We will therefore find in this category Champagne, such as our Brut Veuve Doussot, which we recommend you taste as an aperitif or with oysters. But also the crémants, from Alsace for example, which can be enjoyed at any time of the meal as well as many sparkling wines, produced throughout France and especially in the Pays de la Loire.

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