How to store wine ?

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How to store wine ?

The wine needs a rest period after purchase. The length of this period depends on the type of wine, but all wines suffer from transport. The balance is disturbed and the character does not stand out properly. For this reason, the wine must rest for at least three weeks. It should be noted that, depending on the type of wine, it will only be perfect after a certain period of ageing.


Where to store the wine ?


Wine is a living beverage. It will change over time as it is bottled. External factors play an important role in the proper development of wine.

A good environment is a dark, quiet place and free from tremors, noise or odours, draughts but with healthy ventilation, with a humidity of 75% and especially with a constant temperature between 11 and 12°C.

The temperature must be stable. A too high temperature will cause the wine to age too quickly and will break down certain aromas. A too low temperature can cause the wine to crystallize and destroy aromas. Sudden temperature changes will do both at the same time, which means that the wine will be destroyed little by little. For this reason it is very important to keep your wine at a constant temperature between 11 and 12°C.

Humidity also plays a crucial role in the ageing of wine. Most bottles have a natural cork. This one comes from the cork oak, which makes the cork "live". An overly dry environment will dry out the cork and reduce the closing of the bottle. This will allow small quantities of wine to escape and oxidize the wine, leaving the bacteria free to attack the wine. On the other hand, if the surroundings are too wet, the cork may rot after some time. This can have the same effect as a cork that is too dry.

Ventilation is also important. Due to small microscopic holes in the air cap can seep into the bottle. If there are smells in the cellar for a while they can enter the bottle and destroy the wine. This is not a problem for wines that must be drunk quickly.

Light triggers many reactions in nature. Thus, it also does so in wine. This is why classic bottles are coloured in a dark tone. It is not advisable to use a lamp of more than 40 watts in the cellar.

Finally, we would like to talk about a theory that has not yet been proven. The wine would suffer reactions after long periods of shaking. There are people who swear that a cellar should not be near a busy road or railroad.

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How to organize your cellar ?

The wine must be kept lying down so that the cork remains moist and so it does not dry out quickly either.

An ideal cellar must first of all have enough space to accommodate the amount of wine you are drinking on this day.

Experience has taught us that the cellar quickly becomes too small. Take into account !

Bottles must always be easy to reach and catalog.

White wine should not be mixed with red wine. In addition, it is better to classify the red wine above because of a slightly higher temperature. They can also be grouped by wines that must be drunk quickly and those that will have to stay there for some time or for a different taste. If you are a true wine lover and if you have space, it is good to divide your cellar into parts so that red wine can be kept a few degrees warmer than white wine or champagne.

Bottle positioning

The first principle is related to the conservation of lying bottles, the wine must remain in contact with the cork in order to promote oxidation and reduce its content.

Always in the interest of minimum handling, the bottles must be stored with the label facing upwards, the base towards the centre of the part to allow immediate reading.

The classification must justify your choice of purchase: it is obvious that if you buy the wine by 6 bottles you need smaller compartments than if you buy the wine by 24 bottles.

There are several ways to organize your cellar:

1. You put your crates on top of each other. This requires a lot of space and is not practical.

2. Stackable wine niches made of concrete or ground marble. These are trays in different sizes, easy to crush.

3. Diagonal wooden shelves.

To finish your cellar you can equip it with a thermometer and a hydrometer. By controlling these it is possible to correct possible anomalies by means of ventilation systems.

High quality advice

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