Which wine for the Christmas dinner?

Which wine for the Christmas dinner?

Christmas is only once a year and it is one of the few occasions to indulge yourself with exceptional products and excellent wines that do not cut your budget.

Bordeaux wines offer you original flavours and original combinations for an excellent price-quality ratio. But what to choose?
For a festive meal, the important thing is to ensure a flattering progression, from the starter to the dessert, where dishes and wines meet in a harmony of flavours. If there are no static rules, here are some tips that will make your choice of wine and food pairing easier.


Tip #1: Stay harmonious.

On a light dish, serve a light wine, such as an AOC Bordeaux If your dish is complex, serve a more structured wine such as an AOC Médoc.


Tip #2: Serve a wine the colour of your dish.

If it is white meat or fish, serve a white wine. If it is a red meat or a dish in sauce, choose a red wine !


Tip #3: Play with contrasts.

Contrast the sweetness of a dish with the acidity of a wine or the bitterness of a dish with the sweetness of a wine. For example, serve a blue cheese with a sweet white wine, the salty taste of the cheese will contrast with the sweetness of the wine for a perfectly balanced match.


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Tip #4: Bubble for the aperitif or start light.

To wake up the palate and immediately put yourself in a festive atmosphere, a few bubbles of white or rosé Bordeaux crémant will be perfect on toast, verrines, lollipops and other creative bites.

If you want a little originality, go for a sweet and fruity white wine from the Graves Supérieures or Cadillac appellations for example. Their very slightly sweet palate and fresh fruit nose promise a light and gourmet aperitif. Serve chilled (10°C) on seasonal vegetables that bring rustic colours, textures and flavours to original preparations. Think, for example, of parsnips, beetroot, mushrooms or chestnuts.

Tip #5: Don't wait until January 1st to make good resolutions.

Many festive products can be prepared in the blink of an eye and can be reinterpreted for a waouw effect: a lobster carpaccio with a citrus sorbet, caramelized scallops on chestnut blinis, a slice of semi-cooked foie gras topped with a few piquillo peppers... To create a surprise, don't hesitate to blow a wind of exoticism with spices like vanilla, ginger or curry that will do wonders on fish, shellfish, seafood and white meat. Express your creativity, there is always a Bordeaux wine that will perfectly match your preparation.

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