Wine with or without ice ?

Wine with or without ice ?


A decade ago, it was still a ritual shared by a few insiders in trendy clubs in the capital or on the coast. After midnight, anything is allowed, even the swimming pool, that's what we named these large glasses of champagne "on the rocks", at the Baron and elsewhere. The improbable encounter between a flared glass filled with ice cubes and the wine of the coronations has become a real phenomenon. By the time we got to the point, we found this combination at summer evenings, from Menton to Deauville. The rosé wine, with its great mimetic capacities, has arrived as a reinforcement, giving birth to the rosé pool. The major groups in the sector have produced vintages adapted to these uncomplicated tastings. Moët & Chandon's Ice and then Veuve Clicquot's Rich or Vranken's Royal Blue Sky added to the offer, proposing to combine multiple flavours (red fruits, citrus fruits, etc.) with the wine on its ice pack.

A success that has given ideas to the world of sparkling wines. Why such a craze? Probably because the swimming pool is a way of consuming well in our time. Wine appeals to both men and women, no less to the younger than to the older ones. But all agree that a nightclub or a swimming pool party is not suitable for tasting great wines. Everyone enjoys sipping their wine without anyone asking them what they think of its colour or nose. The way in which champagne and rosé producers have appropriated this festive universe is a fine example of flexibility.

In summer, people are often tempted to drink much fresher drinks, which raises the question of whether it is good to enjoy a wine with or without ice. And in general, we opt for mineral water to refresh us during the summer heat. However, the wine can also be enjoyed in summer. And if you do not have a wine cellar, it is quite possible to store it in the fridge.

However, stock management is sometimes lacking, as there is no fresh bottle in the refrigerator.


Do ice cubes have an impact on the quality of the wine ?

It's the middle of summer so don't overreact. Moreover, in some countries, the wine is drunk with lemonade or coca. Like grapefruit rosé, wine is transformed into a cocktail. So, it is not necessary to be formalized for an unfortunate ice cube poured into a 12 cl glass.

Just know that ice cubes usually rhyme with dilution. Thus, the alcohol content will be reduced with the ice cube. So it all depends on the moment. And in summer, you need to quench your thirst with good wine and why not add an ice cube to bring a little more freshness.

What are the alternatives for drinking fresh wine ?

There are other solutions that allow you to have a wine that is always fresh even in summer. First of all, there is the frozen grain. You take a fruit and put it in the freezer before serving it at the time of tasting.

On the other hand, we also note the rosé wine based ice cube. A real innovation in the sector, since this small rosé stone will serve as an ice cube for wine tasting. Finally, the small cubic granite stones that can be used at any time.



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